Multifuncionalty at smallest original exposure

Multifunctional scanners promise to capture high-quality archival materials of all kinds. For the archive sector, new scanners that can keep up with the models have been developed.

These modular constructed, multifunctional scanners are particularly suitable for archival material that can be scanned very gentle with or without glass pressure print. The method of CS-ST (Synchron Table) series scanner is the best way to digitize work o arts and archive materials directly and in the highest quality.

During the scanning process, the original is placed on a table and then put through a “scanning beam” with a distinctive light in synchronism with the read-out speed while a minimal exposure of light is ensured.

The thereby achievable quality is much higher than what one is used to from conventional des scanners. Our newest LED light exposure technique ensures minimal workload on the draft: Sensitive drafts are exposed to light about 10 times less than it is the case with most other methods. The data obtained from this scanning are much sharper than usual.

Therefore, lower scan resolutions and much smaller file sizes are possible. The impact on storage and dependent processing and machining times is consequently easy to imagine.

These scanners can be equipped with the uniform texture effects, configured with different exposure modes and various book cradles. In addition, vacuum plates, which can be zone regulated, can be offered with backlight units of various sizes and variable resolutions. Due to the small exposure of LED light on the drafts, the modular design and thus resulting multifunctionality of this type of scanner is particularly suitable for archives and libraries. As a result of the variety of options, this scanner is able to individually configure on budget and can be manufactured customized. Our ST-scanners can be used as a book scanner with a 180 ° -book cradle for books up to 25cm thickness and a size of A1 a well as an antique book holder for books that shall not be opened, thus only 90 ° -120 ° can be opened. In order to achieve the so-called facsimile quality, all scanners are equipped with an automatic light correction program, a scanning software CSx, Color 48bit and 8bit grayscale and b / w color management. Optionally, the following features are available: a glass plate and a book cradle.