CRUSE “ST-Series”

Multifunctional Scanner for all areas

This unique scanning system was developed for the special needs in the decor industry, fine art reproduction, as well as for archives, libraries and museums. It was designed in order to digitise wooden models, earthenware, natural produce, wallpaper, textiles, plans, historic submittals, and surfaces. Create high-end scans for industry design, furniture, ceramics, laminates and many other applications.

Upgrade safely: The unique modular platform integrated into the scanner allows a smooth integration of updates in existing scanners. The original scanner proves to be highly stable as ST scanners are built since 2005.


Jens Becker
Tel. +49 228 933975-0

  • Verified best color management.
  • Appreciated internationally for sustainability, high reliability and low maintenance.
  • LED light for optimal illumination in each scan mode.
  • Ultimate precision and high fidelity imaging without image manipulation.
  • Modular configuration concept that can be adjusted for each customer’s individual needs.
  • High usability due to constantly adapted and innovative software.

Location of CRUSE ST

The floor on which the scanner is installed must be stable.

The room walls and ceiling should be dark (black)
All windows must be covered
Room temperature between 20 – 25 °C

Technical details

Voltage: 220V 50Hz, max. 3 KW

Total weight: up to 800 kg

Dimensions: on request

Scan Resolutions

Scanner TypesMax. Scanarea
Pixel/CCDMax. Resolution by max. Scanarea FlächeScanarea by max. Resolution
CS 130 ST70 x 100 cm10.000360 dpi400 dpi = 63,5 x 100 cm
700 dpi* = 36 x 100 cm
CS 155 ST92 x 122 cm14.200390 dpi800 dpi = 45 x 122 cm
1600 dpi* = 22,5 x 122 cm
CS 185 ST100 x 150 cm14.200360 dpi800 dpi = 45 x 150 cm
1600 dpi* = 22,5 x 150 cm
CS 220 ST120 x 180 cm14.200300 dpi800 dpi = 45 x 180 cm
1600 dpi* = 22,5 x 180 cm
CS 295 ST150 x 250 cm14.200240 dpi800 dpi = 45 x 250 cm
1600 dpi* = 22,5 x 250 cm**

Note: Prefer an area of ​​22.5 x 1600 dpi scanning 250 cm I’ll be on a file size of 6708.66 MB in 24 bit or 48 bit 13417.32 MB in. For SD 1600 dpi at 220 cm – 5 x 11807 MB

  • Scanning Software CSx with integrated controller and ICC profile
  • Variable texture effect
  • Variable resolution
  • Variable reproduction angles
  • Non-contact scanning for models of up to 25 cm thickness
  • Automatic light correction program
  • High-quality LED lighting
  • Front and rear lamps
  • Multiple exposure presets for ideal adaption
  • Excellent color data for facsimile reproduction
  • Scan table loadable with up to 300 kg
  • Multiple scan frame selection possible


  • Image Stacking


  • Connection to Image Manager
  • Additional features on request



Option for special illumination of large models, whose structures are displayed from X and Y directions.

Light Box

Optional transmitted light units for KB-slide, glass negatives, aerial photographs and film models of up to 1 x 2 m.

Variable texture effect

Option for different capturing of textures (surfaces) in order to increase plasticity.

Picture Frame compensation Program

Thanks to this option, framed pictures can be scanned from 15cm height, with light exposure compensation and sharpness balancing – depending on scanner type

Variable Scan Speed

Speeds up the scanning process by up to 4 times, depending on scan mode and light exposure conditions.

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