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    Large format scanner – 3D scanner – Software

    CRUSE based in Wachtberg, Germany, founded in Rheinbach in 1979, develops and produces equipment to capture large format originals in highest quality and for particularly high demands. CRUSE is an excellent partner for archives, architects, libraries, photographers, artists, museums, land registries, survey offices and industries such as decor, prepress, and packaging.

    Each scanner is constructed in Germany individually according to the requirements of each customer. This defines CRUSE quality as the international benchmark for scanning and reproducing large format originals. CRUSE scanners are installed in more than 30 countries worldwide.

    In 2016, CRUSE is again going ahead with groundbreaking innovations.
    CRUSE 3D Photostation has been presented to a wide range of trade visitors at InPrint in Munich and has aroused considerable interest.

    The new CRUSE Image Manager is focusing on most advanced tile technology in order to display gigabit large images in highest sharpness and within seconds.

    We would be very pleased welcoming and informing you at one of the fairs or during a special demonstration appointment in Wachtberg.

    We would be happy to show you our scanners at a demo date. Or visit us at one of our fairs. We look forward to you!

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    CRUSE 3D Photostation

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    Look at and download the results of the portal 2D + 3D

    New at CRUSE

    Innovations from CRUSE Spezialmaschinen GmbH

    CRUSE 3D Photostation

    The new CRUSE „All-in-one“ 3D System

    High level of automation and full flexibility for the creation of 3D visualisations. Create 3D-models, premium pack-shots, and 360° product animations in just one operation  – with the CRUSE 3D Photostation. The user-friendly interface of the 3D Photostation allows a quick creation of high quality visualisations of your products without much prior knowledge, thanks to presets for light and various surfaces.

    Learn more about CRUSE 3D Photostation on our product page. If you are interested, we would be pleased to provide detailed information for you and invite you for a demonstration aapointment in Wachtberg.

    CRUSE Image Manager

    Manage large images in a prime app

    CIM - Cruse Image Manager

    You want to view and present large-format images with unprecedented ultra-high resolution, without giving up on easy operation, speed and accuracy?

    Experience the CRUSE app with innovative tile technology for handling files of a size that push most similar programs to its limits.

    When you’re already using a CRUSE industrial scanner for very large graphical interfaces or search for a user-friendly way to handle large images, the CRUSE App is the ultimate solution to smoothly present your pictures to your customers.

    CRUSE Portal 2D + 3D

    2D color image and 3D structure in one operation

    The line scan camera technology of the CRUSE Portal 2D + 3D allows the simultaneous detection of a 2D color and 3D structure in high speed and high resolution, even for larger items of up to 150 x 200 cm.

    The portal scanner 2D + 3D is used by design departments of large industrial companies, in the cylinder industry and increasingly in recognition and measurement of micro-defects on surfaces.

    If you are interested, we would be pleased to provide you with detailed information and invite you to a demonstration appointment in Wachtberg.

    Our applications

    Decor industry

    In prepress, one has long been dependent on good photos and their ektachromes. Now high quality scans of original materials are possible with constant textures throughout the scan result, from the beginning to the end.



    CRUSE produces special scanners for this sensitive area with a vertical table guide and various extra options. Thess exceptionally large scanners for up to 2 x 3 meters of scan area are ideal for recording high-quality templates, e.g. paintings, on which no objects are allowed above during scanning.


    Art reproduction

    The CRUSE ST scan technology has been developed for the special need of art reproduction and turned into the best solution for detecting paintings, watercolors, graphic art collections, collages, sculptures of up to 18 cm in height (thickness) and art of any other kind.


    Archives & libraries

    Multifunctional scanners to capture high-quality archival materials of all kinds. Especially for archives, we developed scanners to meet all requirements of the template. These modular and multifunctional scanners are particularly suitable for archival material to be scanned very gently with or without printing on glass.



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